Poverty Is By Choice

“Building men is the bedrock of a great and vibrant city”  Quote by Dr. Jerry Ariomovuohoma

As a youth, my perception of poverty was limited to lack of money or material possession. However, as I grew older and from my day to day experience, I began to realise that poverty goes beyond lack of money or material possession. I began to see another kind of poverty that has more grievous consequences on individual lives and on the society at large… In this book you are going to understand beyond common opinion what poverty really is and why you should detest it. DR. JERRY ARIOMOVUOHOMA’S BOOK “POVERTY IS BY CHOICE“. Grab a copy of poverty is by choice and gain a new perspective of poverty and how to overcome it.


  • Dedication
  • Acknowledgement
  • Forward
  • Introduction
  • Living Out of Poverty
  • The Culture of Hard Work
  • Back to the Basics
  • The Mind – Your Greatest Asset
  • The Experience of My Cousin
  • Fear – The Great Enemy
  • Drawing a Plan
  • Sharing That Works
  • Time Management
  • The Power of Thinking
  • The Power of Motivation

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