Meet the sisters who brought Naija flavour to the reality show

Hannah and Deborah Agboola  (Channel 5 )

The Big Brother Franchise is huge in Nigeria. We all saw the show’s impact when Big Brother Naija was on the air.

While there are many versions of the successful reality show, the latest one in the United Kingdom might just interest you? Why? Two British-Nigerian sisters took part in the reality show, and as they say, ‘they represented Naija’.

Hannah and Deborah Agboola who were brought up in East London by Nigerian parents entered the Big Brother UK wearing their geles. The Agboola sisters were not afraid to show the world their Nigerian heritage.

Hannah and Deborah AgboolaHannah and Deborah Agboola

 (Newham Recorder )


We were brought up knowing our culture,” Hannah tells Blavity in an interview. We were taught about who we are as people before anything else, and that’s what we wanted to show the world—that it’s OK to be who you are, and we are proud Nigerian girls. That was the whole point of entering the house in our traditional outfits” she said.

Not only did they enter the show representing Naija but while they were in the house they keep it Naija 100%. They showed a lot of Naija and black culture. They never felt pressured to dilute their blackness for the audience.

We didn’t go onto a platform like that to conform and be something we’re not,” said Deborah in the interview. For 54 days, the Naija babes gave them Naija chants, attitude and realness. The Agboola sisters were refreshing to watch.

Big Brother gets a rep for some if its R18 content but the sisters stayed clear away from that mess. This is not surprising since they were raised by a strict Nigerian mum.

Remember the mother of who you came from, remember your home. If I don’t condone this at home, don’t do it on TV, don’t disgrace me” Deborah revealed. Hey, Naija mums know best.

After Big Brother UK wrapped up in July, the sisters have been active. Hannah who is Miss Nigeria UK has always been working with kids even before Big Brother.

Hannah and Deborah AgboolaHannah and Deborah Agboola

 (Telly Mix )


I have a passion for young children because I know how it felt being in school. Being around so much gun and knife crime meant that being peer pressured to be involved and fit in was easy.

“My sister and I have always wanted to set up a youth club encouraging young people to craft their skills in different areas such as the arts and mathematics, as during the holidays it’s easy for kids to get into mischief if they feel like they’re doing nothing,” she said.

Deborah is a vlogger who has a passion for inspiring young and single mums. Together, the sisters want to be actors and presenters.


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