GEJ’s aide says there may be no election in 2019

Doyin Okupe  (Punch)

Doyin Okupe, the former senior special assistant to President Goodluck Jonathan says there may be no election in Nigeria in 2019.

Okupe said the 2019 general elections may be converted to a referendum on restructuring.

In an interview with journalists in Osogbo on Monday, October 2, 2017, Okupe said electorates in the South West might not vote for politicians, who are against the agitation for the restructuring of the cuntry.

“Some people erroneously believe that when we call for restructuring, we are call for the breakup of the country. No, restructuring which we are calling for means the return of the country to true federalism which was practiced at independence,” Okupe said.

“If care is not taken, we may convert 2019 elections into referendum on restructuring. What I mean is that your party will not matter, your personality will not matter, your programmes will not matter; it will be: are you for restructuring or are you against it?

“Those of us who are for restructuring will vote, governors, senators, House of Assembly members, House of Representatives members who are interested in restructuring because we know that the National Assembly is the battleground and we will settle it,” he added.

Okupe recently dumped the Peoples Democratic Party for Accord Party.


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