Fake lawyer nabbed while representing client in court

Operatives of the Lagos State Rapid Response Squad arrested a fake lawyer at the Ojo Magistrate’s Court.

 (Premium Times)

For engaging in a 15-year long practice as a fake lawyer, operatives of the Lagos State Police Command have arrested a man, Barrister Chris Elisha while representing a client in court.

He was apprehended at the Ojo Magistrate’s Court according to a tweet shared via the Lagos Rapid Response Squad (RRS) Twitter handle, on Wednesday, February 7, 2018.

A picture of Elisha who appeared to be in his late 40’s accompanied the comment. His arrest is one in a list of crimes of impersonation recorded in recent times.

Lagos State Police Command has arrested a fake lawyer, Barrister Chris Elisha, who has been practising law for 15 years. He was nabbed at Ojo Magistrate Court, where he appeared for an accused @Gidi_Traffic @followlasg @Mr_JAGs @MsTyma_ @InsideMainland @Ruddy_bash

In Surulere, Lagos, two teenage boys were flogged publicly by an unidentified man for impersonating as naval officers.

The boys fall under the age group of 15 to 18 according to an Instagram user, Foodiejay. The latter shared a video of the pair as they received hot strokes of cane from their interrogator who was quite the brute as he punished them in the open.

“Happening right now infront of me believe this. Young boys within the age of 15 to 18 oo. God’s knows the atrocities they must have though by impersonating to be naval officers.

“In fact they have I’d cards Nigeria where are we heading to,” Foodiejay wrote on his Instagram.

An image shows a teenager being beaten in public for impersonating as a naval officer.An image shows a teenager being beaten in public for impersonating as a naval officer.


A crowd watched on while the pair were getting corporal punishment for their condemnable act.

Some of the onlookers counted as one of the boys received multiple lashes on his buttocks. Their disposition expressed disapproval over the conduct of the offenders.


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