We have the honour to introduce The Motivational Centre to you; as well as the aims and aspirations of the TMC.

Naturally, all humans repel suffering, either for us or for other people. But unfortunately, we see people around us suffer of one thing or another. Young, energetic school leavers, graduates at that, suffer lack of job; widows suffer lack of sustenance and the challenge to raise their children. There is no end to the list of sufferings that we see around us every day, and they pained our hearts because individually, we are incapacitated to help out.

You will agree with this notion that what one person cannot achieve single handed, can be achieved through collective effort. It is on this notion that some well-meaning, self-sacrificing people in Nigeria and beyond are using this platform of The Motivational Centre to pull people of like-minds together to pull human and capital resources together to bring respite to the less privileged people in our immediate environment. The TMC is the first of its kind to be solely dedicated to bring relief to all categories of less privileged people, young or old, through the joint efforts of concerned Nigerians. In time, the drive will cut across borders.

Every year, at a grand conference, distinguished, self-sacrificing donors and achievers in this drive shall be recognised and honoured with well-deserved awards, and many other hidden benefits.

Hence, we implore you to be part of the laudable people who are joining hands under the platform of the TMC to bring respite to the less privileged, to the extent that they possibly can. Every registered member will count in the pursuit of the Centre’s programmes, be it in project execution, beneficiaries appraisal, grants disbursement and monitoring. By partnering with TMC programmes, you will experience the inner joy and satisfaction that comes from giving of yourself unto others, and posterity will pronounce you GOOD!


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