5 untrue myths about money

Money myths to avoid.  (Authorityngr)

People are mostly misinformed or they have limited information about topics and issues.One of the issues is on money.

People have come out to say all sorts when it comes to money matters, which most people always buy into their school of thought.

A lot of people have come to believe such financial claims which are so untrue. You need to be guided in money matters, so you won’t make costly money mistakes.

Here are common myths you should avoid

1. You need a huge amount of money to invest.

People have the notion that only the rich invest because they have a whole lot of money. This is false. You don’t need to have a certain amount of money before you invest.

Start investing with the little you have.Start investing with the little you have.



Start with the little you have, it is way easier to start with what you have than waiting for the huge capital you might never get in a long while.

2. It is not wise to take risks.

Another financial myth people believe is that it isn’t wise to take risks.

People love their comfort zone, comfortable with watching their savings in a bank account with little interest, growing at a slow rate, and are not willing to take risks because they want to lose their money or assets, but the truth about taking risks is the first financial step to financial success.

Take risks whether you win or loseTake risks whether you win or lose



Not taking risk is an open door to living in penury

3. You don’t make enough, so you can’t have a budget

Another untrue myth you need to avoid. No matter how little the amount of money you earn, you need to always make a budget on how much you want to spend.

Having no budget is a bad money decisionHaving no budget is a bad money decision



Budgeting helps to curb your spending and also keep track of your expenses.

4. Don’t worry about pension until you are old

If anyone tells you this, please stay away from that person, because they don’t have your best interest at heart.

Create a pension plan for retirement in your twentiesCreate a pension plan for retirement in your twenties



Having a retirement plan is very important and you need to start planning it out in your twenties, The earlier, the better.

5. I don’t have enough money to save

This is the silliest of all the money myths. No matter how much you make, the truth is it would never be enough.

So you need to forget this notion totally.

When you save, you have something to fall back on during an emergency.When you save, you have something to fall back on during an emergency.


Start saving no matter how small it is. If you can’t save when you earn a little, you actually won’t be able to save when you make more money.


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