5 cafes you need to visit in Lagos

There are lots of places you need to visit in Lagos, of which cafes are included.

Lagos is becoming fast becoming a mega city and some nice joints are beginning to spring up because of the positive developments happening in Lagos.

If you want to experience a cool and serene environment, where you can relax and have a good cup of coffee, you need to visit one of these cafes one day.

After you read this,, feel free to take out your phone and search for these cafes on your phone map. Thank me later.

1. Neo Cafe

I am sure you would have come across the name somewhere before. Neo cafe is a coffee shop, already spreading their tentacles around Lagos.

Neo cafe (Mycafeneo)

Neo cafe offers an environment where you can relax and at the same time gives you space for work.

2. Art Cafe

Art Cafe is another nice cafe you need to check out. The ambience of the Victoria island art cafe is very arty, showcasing a lot of artworks ranging from relief sculpture to painting.

Art cafe (Pulse)

The cafe not only offers good coffee, it also offers good food which people have commended to be very nice.

If you are a lover of art, good food and you love coffee, then you need to check it out soon.

3. The Jazzhole

At the Jazzhole which is situated on Awolowo road, Ikoyi is where good coffee meets good jazz music just like the name depicts. The cafe also offers varieties of books you can select from.

The jazzhole (Blackfabulousity)

The jazzhole makes coffee drinking a very beautiful experience. So if you love to relax with a nice cup of coffee, serenaded by good jazz music and good books to give you a relaxed time, then the jazzhole should be your pick.

4. Cafe Vergnano

This cafe is situated at the Palms mall at Lekki.

Cafe vergnano (Ofadaa)

Before you go see a movie at the cinema or when you are done shopping, you can branch the cafe to have a nice cup of coffee and enjoy the nice view and cool breeze.

5. La Pointe Cafe

The interesting thing about La Pointe cafe is that your coffee gets brewed right in your presence.

La Pointe (Nigeriabusinessdirectory)

After having your coffee, you can proceed to have some finger foods and a bottle of wine to wash it down.


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